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"International association of scientists"

The main goal of the organization is to develop the national scientific potential and its integration into the world scientific space by means of high-quality public communication of scientists for discussion of innovative ideas and objects, consideration of modern development problems methods of solving them, exchange of experience, promotion of scientific and research, educational facilities, Organization of numerous scientific events throughout Ukraine and beyond (including sympoisimov, conferences, discussions, round tables, etc.).

The activity of the organization is directed on realization of scientific and intellectual interests Of Ukraine, publishing activities, scientific and other publications, publication and presentation of scientific results to national and world scientific Community, organization of internships and advanced training of citizens both in Ukraine and outside it, trainings, master classes, etc., facilitate the conclusion international agreements on attracting foreign lecturers to ukrainian universities for Dissemination of world experience, search for Grantodor both in Ukraine and abroad for development of domestic science and technology and other activities related to the development of science, machinery and production.

The International Association of scientists was founded in 2021.

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